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Reduce traffic gridlocks without changing your infrastructure

Optimize your traffic signals and create the best possible green wave with Green Traffic Software

Struggling with Traffic Light Coordination?

Are you facing challenges in coordinating arterials, creating wider green waves, and eliminating constant traffic jams? Do you want to reduce emissions but feel overwhelmed by the complexity and cost of the current software options on the market?

Welcome to Green Traffic Software (GTS)

GTS is your solution for effective traffic management. As the first traffic optimization software that provides a clear, comprehensive view of an arterial's full potential, GTS makes optimizing your traffic flow easier and more efficient than ever before.

Why Choose GTS?

  • Simplify traffic light coordination: easily achieve wider green waves and smoother traffic flow.

  • Reduce Emissions: minimize stop-and-go traffic to lower fuel consumption and emissions.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: enjoy powerful features without the high costs and complications of other software.

  • Solutions in Seconds: experience rapid calculations and immediate results for efficient traffic management

Discover the potential of your city's traffic system with Green Traffic Software!

Key features


We call it "Arterial portrait"


all two-direction green waves in one chart


The widest green waves - best in class


maximal sum bandwidht, minimal stop rate


We can reduce the emissions up to 17%.




Simply coordinate all intersections simultaneously.


long arterials


We offer rapid and reliable solutions at the best price


high performance for low price


Green Traffic Software is an innovative online tool for traffic engineers, urban planners and traffic light operators. It helps to determine the timing of traffic lights to achieve the best possible 'green wave'. The application of Green Traffic Software makes it possible to reduce congestion, decongest roads, reduce emissions and minimize travel time. In addition, coordinated traffic lights help improve traffic safety by reducing vehicle stops and accelerations. A significant advantage of Green Traffic Software - it requires no hardware or software implementation, so with its help the city can make green waves with almost zero investment.

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