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Arterial portrait is a chart presenting all green waves possible in the arterial

   AP shows all the urban arterial potential. It is a chart that presents all pairs* of opposite bandwidths that can be organised in a particular arterial. Each point in AP is marked either with a green asterisk or with a blue circle.

Light start, arterial can be coordinated

means that the arterial can be coordinated with two bandwidths equal to the coordinates of that point.

Zero, arterial cannot be coordinated

means that there is no such plan.

Dark star, the pair of bandwidth with maximal sum

represents the pairs of bandwidths with maximal sum.

* AP only includes integer bandwidth pairs. Making more detailed APs is also possible though we doubt that it would be of practical use.

Panorama of Sofia, bridge of lovers

Different arterials have arterial portraits of different kinds

  • full AP

Full arterial portrait
  • poor AP

Poor arterial portrait
  • rich AP

Rich arterial portrait
  • empty AP

Empty arterial portrait

GTS finds the AP of any arterial in a few seconds

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