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We have great experience of solving various problems both in academic field and in applications.


Our strength is that while working on an important practical problem we do not stop at finding a correct scientific solution, but bring it to a simple form, convenient for application by the end user.

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We’ve managed to find a completely new solution to the problem of two-way, two-speed progression (“green wave”) in urban arterials, based on modern scientific methods. 

For any particular arterial we obtain at once the entire range of possible coordination schemes, among them those with maximal sum of bandwidths. With that, we close the issue that traffic engineers were trying to find more and more solutions for, comparing them in numerous reviews.

Today the best solution is GTS.

With GTS a traffic engineer can instantly select any possible pair of bandwidths that best suits the actual traffic situation. Due to the ease of use and high performance, GTS can form the basis of both pre-timed and adaptive traffic control systems. It is useful in the design of arterial partitioning schemes as well.

We ourselves liked the discovered algorithm so much that we decided to share it with everyone.


For that,

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we have created a start-up,

which now offers all traffic optimization professionals and those who are interested in the area, to use GTS without limitations in all cities and

countries around the world.

That thing

is so new that your feedback, either positive or negative, and any suggestions of yours would be greatly appreciated. They will help us to improve our product.

You are welcome to try GTS now!

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