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For any particular arterial we find maximal possible sum bandwidth.

Note that we limit ourselves to integer bandwidths in both directions

We find not just one but ALL green waves with maximal sum bandwidth.

Coordination, no matter how good it is, does not ensure non-stop movement of all vehicles through the arterial. Some vehicles will stop at the red lights. GTS minimizes average vehicle stop rate by means of an embedded Dynamic Programming algorithm.

Not only do we have a mathematical proof of that but have also checked GTS on dozens of known case studies. The GTS maximal sum bandwidths often exceeds those calculated by means of other software and never appears to be less than them.  Moreover, sometimes GTS finds a solution when other software fails.

That gives a traffic engineer the opportunity to vary opposite bandwidths according to actual traffic flows ratio, leaving the sum bandwidth unchanged.

Traffic engineer choses the pair of bandwidths according to the real traffic situation. GTS analyses their choice and minimizes the average stop rate in both directions.

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