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Busy arterial intersection in Sofia

Are you still struggling to synchronize an arterial, get a wider green wave, eliminate constant traffic jams and reduce emissions? Do you feel lost trying to choose the right software to deal with all those troubles, due to how complicated and expensive are the ones offered on the market?  

Green Traffic Software (GTS) is here for you. It is the first traffic management software that clearly shows the full potential of an arterial at one glance.


  • calculates the complete set of coordination schemes for any arterial

  • presents them in the form of a single chart (Arterial Portrait, or AP)

  • provides a time-space diagram together with offsets and phase sequences for each intersection in one click

Green Traffic Software is a tool for traffic engineers.

Simple Arterial map
Arterial portrait
Sample of time-space diagram

Traffic signals are like a piano. Well-tuned and on trained hand, beautiful music flows. However, improperly handled and on untrained hand, agitation and dissatisfaction frequently occur.

Ni D. (2020) "Signalized intersections. Fundamentals to advanced systems"




all two-direction green waves in one chart



maximal sum bandwidth,


stop rate

Green leaf

Reducing emissions

Long arterial map

Coordinating long arterials



high performance for low price

Arterial portrait
Multiple time-space diagrams with the green wave
Bar chart
Time-space diagram with many intersections

GTS offers rapid and reliable solutions at the best price

Busy intersection
Green Traffic Software Logos
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